How SPRINTR got started? We asked co-founder Filip Goossens to tell you all about it!

You may have noticed there’s a new kid on the block in the world of express courier services. Introducing SPRINTR: an initiative by Filip Goossens, Jean-Claude Van den Berghe and Patrick Proesmans. Each of these seasoned entrepreneurs boasts at least 20 years of experience in transport, logistics and port services and as a result they know exactly where traditional express courier services fall short.

How SPRINTR evolved from a pipe dream to an up-and-running business with a clear mission? We asked the man himself!

Hi Filip! Let’s start at the beginning… How would you introduce SPRINTR?

Well, it’s simple, really. SPRINTR is an online platform that brings together professional express couriers. Through this reliable open network we deliver every shipment safely to its intended destination. We focus primarily on delivering valuable, delicate and/or urgent shipments the customer doesn’t have or want to make time for.

Where did the idea to launch SPRINTR come from?

The initiative for SPRINTR was a reaction to a recurring problem: the ever growing mobility, environmental and efficiency issues. While new express courier services keep popping up left and right, they are not necessarily efficient. I’m referring specifically to the phenomenon of empty mileage. For instance, a SPRINTR can deliver a parcel from Antwerp to Brussels, which is obviously a paying trip, but there’s no cargo on the return leg, causing the courier to drive back empty. A waste of time and petrol, wouldn’t you agree? So we went in search of a solution…

And how did SPRINTR come up with this welcome solution?

Well, that solution is determined by the SPRINTR algorithm. When the customer has entered and confirmed an order, the algorithm selects the most suitable SPRINTR taking into account availability, distance and time to the pickup location, and vehicle type. In other words: if you’ve driven from Antwerp to Brussels, your next assignment is ideally also situated in the Brussels region.

This enables us to considerably reduce the daily percentage of empty mileage. It’s not only better for the environment but for the customer as well – and for the SPRINTR of course: this way he/she can earn more money in the same amount of time.

Thanks Filip!