SPRINTRs know why

Become a SPRINTR, make efficient trips and earn more

At SPRINTR, our mission is to enable our SPRINTRs to work as efficiently, easily and enjoyably as possible.  


What can SPRINTR do for you?

Are you a courier? Then you must recognize this…

After your delivery, you drive back with an empty vehicle. There must be a more efficient way.

In addition to making your trips, you have a lot of administration to keep up. There must be an easier way.

As a courier, you’re always alone on the road, without colleagues. There must be a more sociable way.

No kilometres without a destination

The courier service with a heart for SPRINTRs

Thanks to our SPRINTR app, our SPRINTRs make as many trips as possible WITH shipments. After a delivery, we look for any orders in the same area, so that the SPRINTR can take a shipment on the way back again. In this way, SPRINTRs earn more money and we can offer a smart solution to mobility, environmental and efficiency problems.

Would you like to be part of the SPRINTR community?

Yes, I want to become a SPRINTR

As a SPRINTR, you enjoy many benefits…

An efficient platform

Manage your orders via the SPRINTR application

This is how our app works…

Become a member of our community

Activate the app with your unique code.




Manage your own schedule

Indicate when you are (not)active.




Receive orders based on your location

Press ‘no’ to decline an order, ‘yes’ to accept it.




Manage your administration effortlessly

We facilitate your invoicing and send your earnings within 5 working days.




Work ahead and plan the best available route possible in advance

Check all available assignments for the following days and plan your own route.




Our SPRINTRs testify

  • Since I work for SPRINTR, I have been earning twice as much as before, since I can take on more orders. After nearly every delivery, I can pick up a new shipment in the same area. This way, I hardly ever make empty trips.

    Tim S.